COVID-19 Updates 25th July 2020

Victoria records the highest COVID-19 cases in July,2020

2ndof July 2020, Victoria has recorded its biggest daily increase in coronavirus community transmissions to date in the COVID-19 pandemic, since the 73 new cases were recorded in the state as hotspot Melbourne suburbs are prepared to lock down from the midnight of 1st July.


11th July 2020, Victoria has recorded highest around 300 infection in 24 hours, it’s the state’s highest daily increase anywhere in Australia since the outbreak of pandemic outrage.  Per Premier Danial Andrew the state has total at 3,397 active cases, the worst 24 hours period. He urges to use face mask for the self-protection where the social distancing is hard to maintain. The restriction of lockdown is further pushed till August.


17th July 2020 record shows, Victoria recorded highest daily increase of new corona virus cases around 428 cases and 3 deaths from the infection bringing the state death toll to 32. Among them 57 cases are linked to the known outbreak and other 370 are still under investigation. One of the sources told the number of deaths were 70s to 80s elderly aged group and one elderly was linked to the outbreak at Menarock Life Age Care in Essendon where 38 cases were recorded of outbreak. Per primer, the outbreak on the age care was linked to the staff member working across different facilities with infections.


Queensland corona virus restriction to be erased from the 2nd of July

Queensland has erased the Covid-19 stage three restrictions. As per Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk the ease condition has been described with some rules including maximum 100 people on large gathering (wedding, funeral and house parties), including sports, state boarder restrictions and the quarantines rules specially for those who came from hotspot areas.

Victorians Health Care Worker face shortage of PPE

As the number of the infected cases increasing in hospital , an age care and the disability care, a survey in those area showed that around 500 health workers across Australia are experiencing shortages of PPE which is elevating the level of stress and anxious in working area. Some area of work facilities the PPE was supplied with low quality standard and other supplies in rationed form. Some workers are making their own safety face shield with clear plastics and are bartering with other utensil for necessary gloves requirement.

Mental Health Awareness Programme a Emergency Call

The mental health declared the emergency call over the visit of a mental health reason visit in emergency visit were likely to leave “at their own risk” without any interventions. Australian consensus showed the rate of mental health related case to suicide death peaked 3,000 in 2015. Again, then the number of suicide death toll climbed more than 3.000 in the year, the predication on the number of cases would be likely to be increase in coming year due to the recent lockdown situation.

Suicide has a devesting impact on families, friend and whole communities. Every life is precious, and every people goes through the different phrases of life, its struggle and healing situation. Mental health and suicide are preventable Thus, we MCT care service supports to advocate, educate and work with our clients and families to promote mental health awareness.

In addition, MCT care service has stand on proper supply of personal protective equipment for the support worker and the essential guidance educational information are been forwarded to each support workers. If any concerns don’t hesitate to call or email for further assistance.

We know the time is very crucial. As per famous quotes from Martin Luther King Jr” We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope”. After every dark night there is a bright day, so we are facing a hard time but if we stick with the safety rule certainly the bright day is not far with freedom. We believe we can fight and defeat this situation.

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