Support Worker

MCT Care provides in-home support workers  to provide you a considerate level of support to people with medical conditions and disabilities who need help with everyday living . Support may range from regular personal skills development to complex personal assistance, that with the help of our experienced and caring support workers can allow our clients to live life independently and in the manner, they choose, “Live the life way, You want”


Our Support Workers will help you by

  • Travelling to your residence and help you on daily activities.
  • Getting on top with your medication/exercise and other prescribed activities
  • Maintaining and monitoring your person-centred support plan
  • Transporting you to and from community choices activities as required
  • Liaising with other professionals required
  • maintaining your house order and garden if required
  • Monitoring and evaluating participant services and delivery to ensure ongoing effectiveness.
  • Contributing positively and proactively to the operational planning process.
  • Identifying and developing ongoing relationships with community and service networks to facilitate collaborative partnerships and improve supports and outcomes 

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