Development Life Skills

This broad aspect of our service relates to improving our client’s lifestyle through the development of various life skills, which may include:

Plan and Financial Capacity Building

This focuses on improving participant’s management skills in multiple aspects of their life such as:

  • Building financial skills: understanding efficient money usage and value of the exchange
  • Organisational Skills: managing various aspects of their own plan will help to improve their organisational skills such as organise their day to day life events
  • Enhancing the participant’s ability to direct their supports: MCT Care will ensure that they receive the exact support they need
  • Develop self-management capabilities


Through our trained staff, we ensure that our clients are able to take control of their own life by gathering skills that are necessary to lead an independent lifestyle.

  • Personal Task: shower, hygiene
  • Household task: cleaning, maintenance
  • Transport: travelling by train or bus without the aid of others


Communication skills are essential to allow others and yourself to understand information more accurately and quickly. For this, one of the examples is Community engagement which improves communication and provides a sense of purpose and contribution. This also assists in improving self-confidence. By being involved in a community or group, participants gain confidence so that they can control their lifestyle.

Our focus on developing participants life skill is based on their goal/choice, to provide sets of skills which they can utilise to be in control of their life.


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