Macarthur Community Total Care understand my needs, their support and guidance made my NDIS journey in positive way. Their caseworker always encourages me to do things in better way. When I was with larger organization, I never get a chance to choose what I want to do but Macarthur Community Total Care has put me in control of my package which is fantastic to me and my family.


When I received my NDIS package I was so excited but new model was so confused to me but when I spoke with them, they helped me understand how to different model work to reach my goals. So, I strongly recommended every body to speak with Macarthur Community Total Care before you speak with other provider. They are local provider in our doorstep.


Macarthur Community Total Care partner with different allied health group in the local area and they can provide various service in our time. I don’t need to go their, their case worker comes to my residence which made it so easier.