Feedback from our beloved clients

Please have a look on what some of our clients day

Macarthur Community Total Care understand my needs, their support and guidance made my NDIS journey in positive way. Their caseworker always encourages me to do things in better way. When I was with larger organization, I never get a chance to choose what I want to do but Macarthur Community Total Care has put me in control of my package which is fantastic to me and my family

When I received my NDIS package I was so excited but new model was so confused to me but when I spoke with them, they helped me understand how to different model work to reach my goals. So, I strongly recommended every body to speak with Macarthur Community Total Care before you speak with other provider. They are local provider in our doorstep.

Macarthur Community Total Care partner with different allied health group in the local area and they can provide various service in our time. I don’t need to go their, their case worker comes to my residence which made it so easier.

MCT care is the great choice. I found the staff are exceptional while speaking with them. They are very approachable, respectful and understanding. At the beginning I wasn’t so sure because I had not seen them before but once I spoke with them, they explained the process which is very easy and I haven’t felt the need to see them to get the job done. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking into plan managing their funds.

My son is very happy with the staff of MCT Care. I used MCT services for my son. They were welcoming every time we visited. They provided an art space for my son. They were very welcoming every time we visited. They introduce us to all the rooms and the facilities in the house. They provided an art space for my son. I appreciate the contribution and my son also seems to enjoy every time whenever he stays there. I found plenty of spaces for my son to enjoy cooking. However, there is no much activity space outside the area but, but I understand a need for the parking spaces.

MCT care provides a great service that my boy really enjoys. The carers are regular available on 24/7 and very passionate about the resident in helping any situations. I am very happy with their beautiful service.

Wonderful support coordinator. Implementing my NDIS plan as per my choice. I was struggling to manage my fund as it was self managed last year. Thank you LAC to referring a very knowledgeable, calm, patient person to listen to my wishes. Very genuine care.

MCT care commenced services five months ago for my brother with early-stage dementia. Support worker are fully aware of how to approach people with dementia. Staffs from the previous provider could not handle him as he was always aggressive toward them. Nowadays, he is calm without using any additional medication because of the right intervention from the management and support worker. Support workers are mature and knowledgable.