MCTCare Newsletter 30 November 2020

Updates This Week 

Updates news of Coronavirus status in Australia

New South Wales records no new local cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours for past 15 days. Previously five cases were reported in returned travellers from in hotel quarantines. Victoria also records no COVID-19 cases for 24 days. Per health minister Bard Hazzard announcement, the number of COVID-19 restriction are being relaxed in NSW. The rules have been altered ahead of Christmas and end of new year celebration. Only 500 people allowed at outdoor setting, 30 singers outdoor and up to 3000 people to attend concert: however, residents need to follow the safety precautions wearing mask all-time. The border between Victoria and NSW will open from midnight. NSW will have no restriction imposed on any of its border, while Queensland still has restriction from NSW traveller.   Millions of people in Victoria and NSW are waking new freedoms as the broader reopens. Thousands of Melbourne workers have been allowed to returning back to office building across CBD.

Australia breaking news today, live coronavirus updates and latest headlines November 23, 2020: Border between NSW and Victoria reopens as more restrictions ease; Victoria records no new coronavirus cases and no deaths for 24th consecutive day; Americans could receive COVID-19 vaccinations from next month (

A new research by Monash University has revealed a hope of long-term protection by vaccine against COVID-19 infection up to eight months after receiving. Per source of Monash University’s department of immunology and pathology and Alfred research alliance, there has been evidence from survey that the vaccine specific memory B-cell can remember the virus and trigger the production of protective antibodies when re exposed to infection. The vaccine has 95% effective rates at preventing mild to severe COVID-19 infections.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Coronavirus immunity lasts up to eight months, new study reveals (

The call sparked tension for hotel quarantines to be moved away from nations cities in awake of Adelaide’s second wave of lockdown bundles.  The case of COvid-19 infection among quarantine hotel cleaners, two security guards, 15 other family members and Woodville pizza bar has subject to a major police investigation after lying worker statement to months of brutal lockdown and restriction. The south Australian labour leader Peter Malinauskas spoke on poor health standard on hotel quarantine and the more positive cases in quarantine can be dangerous for the nation’s capital cities. The labour purposed to shift quarantine facilities in Christmas island and regional location as safer alternative. He also called for increase in workers hourly rates to prevent them from second job within the community and a rapid testing of all staff members working in frontlines of health care. However, SA Premier Steven Marshall condoned the proposal saying, the idea of shifting Australians coming from overseas or hotspot area to Christmas island or regional area in a detention style of quarantine as digesting idea.

 Calls for returning Aussie travellers to be sent to Christmas Island (

Wheelchair Ramped Planned after INQ Story Investigation

After reading the Inq’s story abort Jay White, a disability service provider has offered to build safe ramp for his home in no cost. In the Inq investigation, they examined how some providers have drained the account of people with disabilities and that was featured in Mr White’s story. Mr white paid $5000 from his NDIS funding to organise the ramp more accessible to his home, his request was ignored and when he complained his service got cancelled before draining fund for nine weeks without new service. After Inq’s investigation, the disability refunded nine transactions and offered to build ramp in no cost. The CEO of the disability support company has opened an internal investigation for the fraud.

The NDIS Fraud Taskforce works with the Australian Federal Police to prosecute people scamming the system since 2018, among 2161 cases of complains, 1186 cases were investigated and only three conviction has been done. The Former senior fraud investigation officer revelled to Inq that there was as many as one in 10 claims are fraudulent in $22 billion fund system. There is several complain on overcharged for services from providers and sometime even haven’t receive invoices for services. The NDIS spokesperson told Inq that NDIS has taken the issue of fraudulent seriously and the provider/ employees are required to comply with NDIS code of conduct. Anyone with any concern about being victimized of frauds against NDIS. Please contact

NDIS Fraud Hotline on 1800 650 717

Dodgy NDIS providers are draining the accounts of people with disabilities (

Disability providers provides escapes fines despite delay in reporting deaths

The research on disability provider failing to report deaths and why is the letting them off scot free. The NDIS quality and safeguards commission the sector’s troubled watchdog received reports of 11 deaths a week on average and nearly 20% are not reported for more than five days. However, no provider was fined for not reporting the deaths in a timely manner as required by the commission. Per act within 24 hour or within five business day of key personal becoming aware of reportable incident and to provide additional information to that provided in the immediate notification form. A failure to comply with the requirement to notify, investigate and management reportable incidence is a breach of a registered NDIS provider condition of registration and may lead to compliance and enforcement action by NDIS commission.

 Disability providers fail to correctly report deaths to the NDIS, data shows (

We MCT acknowledge the seriousness of the frauds and infringement. We encourage all our supporter and participant to act against those crimes. If any concern related to the issues contact us on our hotline we are always ready to help and answer your concerns.

Till next update stay healthy and safe.

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