MCTCare Newsletter 1st August 2020

Preparing for and managing a COVID-19 outbreak in MCT Care

MCT care is alerting and reminding to all staffs to follow guide to prepare, respond and manage an outbreak involving the people with disability they support. MCT care also provided plenty of PPE and encouraging to use it to all support workers. Support Workers from all branches already attended refreshment training for accessing /using of PPE, how to respond if NDIS participants or workers were exposed to or infected with COVID-19. MCT care also encouraged to notify to us, If workers or the people they support experience even mild symptoms, arrange a COVID-19 test immediately and self-isolate until receive the results. Also, MCT care provides updated information from the Government to all our Staffs and participant and their family members.

Victoria stepped further restriction to stage four

In response to the outgrowing number of the COVID-19 cases of 500, 600 and 700 per day where 50% of the cases are among people, aged between 15 to 40 also a number of deaths in record. The Victorian Government described the situation as an intolerable and a part of a state of disaster. The metropolitan Melbourne area has further lockdown restriction entered to stage 4 from 2nd August, 6 pm and a curfew will also be implemented across from 8 pm to 5 am each day and will last for six weeks or more. This restriction includes exclusive stay-in- home, people can’t go outside even for exercise and shopping for the thing unless it’s very important and they can’t go further than 5km away from home. There will be a strict measure set to be heavily enforced by police and defence force member. If anyone tries to break the restriction and curfew, there will be heavy fine on the spot or can be taken to court which can impose the fine up to $10,000.

Queensland record new COVID-19 cases

The Queensland Government has reported four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in this week, bringing the total number of 1076 cases. Recently one cases returning from overseas via New South Wales and is in quarantine. First and second cases at the age of 19-year old female travelling from interstate together, Melbourne and Victoria, one is an employee at Parkland Christian College on Brisbane’s south side.  Third cases reported to be close contact of those women is an employee at YMCA Chatwood Hills outside school hour care. After declaring their employment detail, both campus, school and the care centre has been temporarily closed until further notice. There has been reported that the first two cases lied about the interstate travel status and was neglecting the quarantine. They were travelling to the different location including shopping centre, café in the area of South Brisbane, Logan and Springfield. The contact tracing is underway for the appropriate action to be taken at all relevant locations. Queensland Chief Health Officer has listed the list of traced location and asked to immediate self-quarantine and contact 13 Health for COVID-19 test who come contact on the listed locations on relevant time period.

MCT Care Brisbane and Toowoomba are strictly maintaining and following COVID-19 response guidance.

In response to the alarming number of outbreaks, a pandemic situation COVID-19 infection I Victoria and New south wales, the NDIS has updated a reminder of the guidance to the customers and the employers to assist you in preparing, responding to and manage the outbreak involving people with disability and care.

Key points

  • Knowing how to respond if NDIS participant either the customers or the support care expose or get infected with a virus.
  • The Australian Government has announced the temporary changed into the funding arrangement in the supply of PPE including the proper guidelines of use with a video for instance.
  • the public health unit of both states have dedicated the information for the providers and workers in the disability care
  • Encouraging the service provider and the workers to complete the Australian Government Department of Health’s “Infection prevention and control training module”.
  • If anyone suspect of contact or experiencing the symptom of cold, flu coughs, fever. Please immediately arrange COVID-19 test and self- isolate strictly until the result revel.

MCT care services have also emailed the updates and guidelines to our participants and employees. We believe each employee have gone through the link, understand and will further help to prepare for the safety of both self and customer’s health.

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