MCTCare Newsletter 10th October 2020


Updates This Week 

We at MCT hope our employees, participants and our well-wisher safe and healthy in this pandemic situation. We are pleased to share that the pandemic effects of COVID-19 are minimising and most of the states in Australia are easing a restriction across the border. We hope Australia will go through the recovery stage to stand firm again in future.

Australia coronavirus updates

As per 9th October, New South Wales has recorded ten new coronavirus cases overnight, and five of them were reported locally acquired. NSW has listed three new locations of venues visited by positive coronavirus cases. The state has requested anyone who visited the listed areas, or a close contact of detected cases need to come forward for COVID-19 test immediately if any suspect of symptoms related to virus and warn to self-quarantine for safety concern. NSW Health warned of these listed areas:

 -Palm Beach Fish and Chips, Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach on 5th October, between 3.45 pm and 4 pm.

– S-Mart Eastwood, Rowe Street, Eastwood on 5th October between 7.30 pm and 7.45 pm.

– Aldi Eastwood on 6th October between 11 am and 12 pm

Queensland has given NSW an ultimate of 48 hours to track down the source of infection as there was reported of locally acquired coronavirus. QLD will refuse to open its border to NSW on the coming Month of November in case if not being resolved. Till the date, QLD has recorded no new cases. QLD Premier Annasthasia Palaszczuk’s strict protocol on reopening the border, she will not consider anything besides keeping Queenslander safe and will keep on the monitor the situation very carefully

Victoria’s Premier Danial Andrews has warned Victorians to wear a strictly fitted mask and any alternative trend of rearing bandanas, scarves, or face shield are not allowed after the deadline of a two-week grace period. Per Premier Andrews, any alternatives wearing are not enough to protect against the virus. All Victorians must wear a properly fitted mask while leaving their homes and anyone found not adhering rules be ready to be fined by Police

NDIS had updated the essential delivering services and supported through unprecedented times

As a commitment of the Australian Government to achieve the best outcome for the citizen of Australia and business by delivering essential service and support to those in need as a part of the Economic recovery plan for Australia. Per Minister of NDIS and government services, the Australian Government is providing further $3.9 billion to NDIS as a substantial package of reform to the NDIS. The reform helps the NDIS to deliver a permanent and significant disability a true choice and control over a flexible support package to achieve their goals.  The Australian Government has allocated $256.6 million as a part of a digital business plan to make a digital identity. The digital identity will help to make easier and quicker for Australians to spend less time on dealing with financial problems and claims. The Australian Government has allocated $539.6 million to complete the fourth stage of the seven-year build of the Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) program in which the welfare system delivers over $500 million in welfare payments and has almost 2.7 million interactions with customers unprecedented-times


Updates on the NDIS and coronavirus temporary measures

NDIS has introduced a temporary measure to be extended nationally till next year February 2021 that include

  • eligible NDIS participants able to use plan funding to purchase low-cost Assistive Technology, including smart devices (up to $1500);
  • greater plan flexibility to ensure access to supports;
  • deep cleaning of residences in the event a support worker returns a positive COVID-19 test;
  • additional support, including a deep cleaning service, for participants who test positive for COVID-19 or who are required to isolate who live in a Supported Independent Living (SIL) setting
  • in Victoria, the continuation of a clinical first response through Aspen Medical for any identified outbreak, which will ensure that infection control procedures, personal protective equipment (PPE) and nursing support is in place for residents and workers, if required.
  • The ability of claim of PPE will be in Victoria until the end of November and NSW until the end of October.

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October is the National Safe Work Month

MCT Care has acknowledged each October month as A National Safe Work Month. MCT Care promotes the invitation of Safe work Australian to take part and focus on health and safety at the workplace. This year the effect of COVID-19 Global impact the year theme is “Work Health and Safety through COVID-19” that acknowledges and reflects the wide-reaching impacts of COVID-19 on Australian business, employers and workers. MCT request our employers and team to adapt the Work Health Safety practices and procedure to reduce the risks related to COVID-19 and to manage the psychological effects raised during and after the pandemic situation on employers and workers.

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