COVID-19 Updates 7th July 2020

11th July 2020, 

Victoria has recorded highest around 300 infection in 24 hours, it’s the state’s highest daily increase anywhere in Australia since the outbreak of pandemic outrage.  Per Premier Danial Andrew the state has total at 3,397 active cases, the worst 24 hours period where 288 new infection recorded in Victoria in compare to the 212 cases recorded in New South wales. Out of 288 cases in Victoria 26 linked to known outbreak and 262 still on under investigation. The survey indicated that from the total 509 were from community transmission, 1172 active cases in the Victoria alone, 3002 cases from the Metropolitan Melbourne and 272 from the regional site of Victoria. He urges to use face mask for the self-protection where the social distancing is hard to maintain. The restriction of lockdown is further pushed till August.

Victorians Health Care Worker continue to face shortage of PPE

The health care worker in the Victorian hospital , age care and the disability care are reporting of the shortages of the PPE at work which are putting them into the high risk of cross contamination between the staff and the patient in the working area as the number of the infected cases are increasing in hospital and aged care. Per Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton appealing for urgent action to boost supplies of PPE in such area. He predicts that the number of hospitalization and death from the virus would become much worse in coming days.

A survey showed that around 500 health workers across Australia are experiencing shortages of PPE which is elevating the level of stress and anxious in working some circumstances the staff in aged care and disability worker are supplied with low quality mask. In some area the PPE are being supplied in rationed and requires the nurse in in charge to fulfil the demand of request in emergency stage. In some disability area, the disable workers are forced to barter toilet paper rolls and other utensil for gloves and sanitizer with other staff in their working shift. In some area some health worker is using their own expanse to buy clear plastic folder to make homemade face shield. The compulsory temperature check is essential, but some disability providers are not passing them to the staff. In disability the chance of cross contamination is high because client with cognitive disabilities and high care are hard to maintain physical distance as recommended.

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