MCTCare Newsletter 24th September 2020

Updates of this week
COVID-19, updates in Australia
Till the day Victoria has recorded 12 new cases and two death overnights with 532 active cases. The COVID-19 testing in the state dropped to 7000 in the past 24 hours. Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed more lockdown restrictions will be eased this weekend, beyond those he previously flagged, after declaring the state is winning the battle against coronavirus.

Busted of Myth and misconception related to COVID-19 infection

  • Use of industrial Bleach
    Per the World Health Organisation (WHO), the injection of the chemical like the industrial bleach can cause a severe reaction such as nausea, vomiting diarrhoea and severe dehydration. Thus, the myth related to the chemical as a miracle cure” is a myth that was circulated around the public without any facts and evidence
  • 5G wave network is a source of Coronavirus
    The misconception of the virus can spread through radio wave, and network of the cell phone is entirely lying. Still, according to WHO, the number of spread in people due to not maintaining social distance, and there is no connection with the 5G network or waves story.
  • Can hotter and colder climate affect virus?
    There is no connection with any hottest and coldest weather to kill the virus; it can both spread equally in both humid and warm climate if the precaution and the social distance is not followed as advice.
  • Holding 10 second of breath can prove that you are not infected
    An unreasonable claim that holding 10 seconds of breath can prove non-infected, the trend are dangerous. The only way to find the infection is the symptoms of dry cough, fever, tiredness and COVID-19 test for conformation.
  • Hydroxychloroquine- a treatment for malaria can help to fight COVID-19
    Earlier there was the claim that the Hydroxychloroquine medicine was useful, but per WHO the claim was invalid, there is no relation on global trails to treatment and is still on research by the scientist.
  • Using a face mask can reduce the oxygen concentration in the body
    The face mask is made in such a way that to protect from the COVID-19 but doesn’t affect on oxygen delivery to lungs or risk of carbon-dioxide intoxication while breathing through it.
  • Rinsing with saline can stop COVID-19
    There is no fact and evidence of washing nose with saline to fight the virus. The process can help to clear stuff nose but not the symptoms related to COVID-19 infection.
  • Wearing other shoes can spread infection
    From shoes, there is a chance of transmission of traces of the virus, but there is no evidence that there is any link of direct transmission to person. The precaution measure to cover shoe is to prevent infant and small children from getting intact with dirt and any bodily discharge in the contact area.
  • A hot bath can prevent from getting an infection
    Taking a hot bath doesn’t prevent from contacting the virus but can be dangerous as it can cause skin burn. According to the WHO, the temperature of the body remains 36.5 degrees to 37 degrees regardless of the temperature of water level in the bath.
  • Mosquito bites do transmit infections
    The primary spreads of the COVID-19 are through droplet generated by the infected person through sneezing or nasal discharge. There is no evidence related to blood or mosquito bite transmission.
  • Hand dry can kill Coronavirus
    A hairdryer is not effective in the killing virus. The best way to clean hand is to wash hand thoroughly with soap and running water, or alcohol-based wash, dries properly with a paper towel or warm air dry.
  • UV rays can kill the virus
    The claim of using ultra ray or UV lamp for the killing virus is very dangerous; the ray used can cause skin irritation, and long-term expose can create a carcinogenic effect.

Thus, MCT Care does not promote any kind of irrelevant facts and claims unless it is scientifically approved by the World Health Organisation. We recommended our staff, participants and customers to get only the accurate information to protect yourself and other from virus to go through the website.

There are too many myths on the cure of COVID-19 is spreading through social media, those claims are more dangerous than COVID-19 pandemic situation as it does spread more faster than the droplet infection to every part of the world.
Thus, be safe from COVID-19 as well as unnecessary information on social media.

If you need Support worker, please contact us on 1300 313 381.Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed more lockdown restrictions will be eased this weekend, beyond those he previously flagged, after declaring the state is winning the battle against coronavirus

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