MCTCare Newsletter 27th October 2020

Updates This Week 

We, the entire MCT family would like to wish for the safety and health of  our partners, employees, participants and our well-wisher  for your safety and health in this pandemic situation. We are pleased to share that the pandemic effects of COVID-19 are minimising and most of the states in Australia are easing a restriction across border. We hope Australia will go through the recovery stage to stand strong again in future.

Latest weather forecast issued severe storms and heavy rainfall across different states of Australia.  We wish our well-wisher to be well prepared and safe during this situation and not forget the safe precaution for COVID-19 infection. Please keep on monitoring the latest weather forecast before leaving home or planning for tour.

Severe Storms and heavy rainfall issued for different parts of States

Weather forecast has warned the issue of severe storm and heavy rainfall in different parts of Queensland. The residents are further urge to prepare for torrential rains, damaging winds and large hailstones. Multiple cell has already detected on radar with warning I different areas of Gympie, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coasts, Western Downs and Moreton Bay areas. The severe storm activity across Brisbane and the Gold coast areas in afternoon times. QLD Fire and Emergency alert resident to make sure:

  • Your cars away from trees
  • Secure loose outdoor items
  • Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under tree
  • Have an emergency kit handy
  • Seek emergency help

New south wales residents have been warned to prepare for wind up to 125/ hour, possible of flash flooding and rock sliding. The emergency service has responded mor than 500 calls for help across NSW.

Several homes across Great Mackerel Beach on Sydney’s northern Beaches were evacuated after the big surf and heavy rain threatened the safeties of homes.

Finally, Victorian will be able to enjoy freedom from strict lockdown

27th October 2020, Tuesday midnight Victorians would be able to enjoy their social bubble after easing of lockdown restriction however the mandatory waring of face mask continue till next year. Per Victorian Premier” its frustrating to wear mask and no one particularly enjoy wearing mask but for the respond to previous COVID-19 transmission risks, the preauction are necessary and required to follow them as mandatory. Melbourne resident will continue to wear then at least the end of the year and could wear then till next year”.   

Victorian Premier added some changes on the household gathering in Melbourne.  From today maximum two from one household will be able to visit another home within 25km limit and only one private gathering per day. The guest will be able to visit once at lunch time but will not be able to visit another house for dinner or night stay. They will be strictly restricted to visit multiple area in a same day. He warned the resident home is the most dangerous place for spreading of the virus than other area in Victoria.

A new COVID-19 advice for NSW provider

New South Wales Minister of Health has announced a mandatory precaution measure for providers of residential and in-home support care, all the staffs and the employees who are engaged in areas should wear surgical masks every time while deriving services starting from 27th of October. in response to increasing risk of potential community transmission due to ease of the community gathering restriction and the declining number of testing for COVID-19, the measure is been imposed.  The regular update on wearing mask requirement of staff in the disability service will be reviewed weekly by The NSW Ministry of Health.

NSW has provided a link for a proper use of PPE and free or subsidise infection control training are available on:

Any further question and advice, please contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055         


New Updates on the Guidelines for managing behaviour of concerns and using restrictive practices during COVID-19

NDIS had developed a factsheet t to support staff in preventing the escalation of behaviours of concern during COVID-19. The factsheet was developed with advice from the Australian Government Department of Health. The factsheet explains how to prevent the escalation of behaviours of concern and the use of restrictive practices and guidance for providers on using psychotropic medications to manage behaviours of concern during COVID-19 isolation.

Find the further information on fact sheet

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Managing behaviours of concern and new or increased restrictive practices during COVID-19 isolation

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) information webpage on the NDIS Commission website contains links to updates, training, alerts and other resources.

There are further  information find the link on people with disability, and a webpage of frequently asked questions about COVID-19 for all stakeholders.

NDIS Continues to Action against Fraud

In response to the increasing number of fraudulent activities, NDIA is constantly monitoring on fraud control activities to protect the Scheme and the agency exploitation.  NDIS with help of Australian Federal Police the raid was performed on 22nd of October at a Kellyville Ridge premises following over the complain of misuse of funding. On September two people were jailed for committing fraud against NDIS and were jailed for combined 9 years for pleading guilty. Furthermore, the multi-agency investigation had found another Sydney women also found guilty for fraud against the Scheme. Per, NDIS branch Manager of Scheme Integrity, Scot Britton, NDIS will not tolerate any misuse of funds in Disability scheme and will continue to protect the plans of the participants.

If any have information on the suspect of frauds, he requested to come forward to contact

Fraud Reporting Hotline: 1800 650 717

Additional information’s are available on

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