Support Coordination

Support coordination refers to strengthening participants’ abilities to coordinate and implement supports in their plans so that they can participate more fully in the community. Support coordination is split into three levels:

Level 1: Support Connection

Where we assist participants to implement their own plan by strengthening their ability to connect with systems of support, providers and understand their own NDIS plans. Through us, our clients will receive support to effectively utilise their NDIS plans. We hope to increase our client’s capacity to participate independently in NDIA processes. Support connection may include:

  • Understand the plan
  • Connect with supports and services
  • Establish supports

Level 2: Coordination of supports

This level serves to strengthen our client’s ability to design and build supports with a focus on connecting systems of support. Through this, we can assist participants in governing not only their services but also their lifestyle. Support coordinators act as guides which assist participants in maintaining a robust network of supports, both informal and formal. Coordination of support may include:

  • Targeted support coordination
  • Crisis planning and mitigation
  • Build resilience and capacity

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Note: Support Coordination is available only in NSW, ACT and Tasmania.